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RETRO REMIX kiállítás

At 21:36
By Körtélyesi Gábor, Dr.

(Magyar) Rajzelőkészítő

At 15:11
By Sík Luca

(Magyar) Hallgatóink sikerei, hírek Harsewinkel-ből

At 23:46
By Rádics János Péter Dr.

Machine Design

Design and development of machine elements, components and machine systems. Determining the deformations, stress and thermal state of structural elements; structural optimization.

Industrial Design Engineering

Genetic algorythms in design and in optimization of structural elements and design processes. The analysis and optimization of design processes in terms of time, cost, resources.

Agricultural Machine Design

The tasks, possibilities, and technical solutions of cultivation machines in the computer supported agriculture. Design and examination of soil-protective and environment-friendly cultivating machines.